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Penelope Shuttle has made her home in Cornwall since 1970 and the county’s mercurial weather and rich

history are continuing sources of inspiration. So too is the personal and artistic union Shuttle shared with her

husband, the poet Peter Redgrove, until his untimely death in 2003. The fruitful nature of their relationship

is celebrated in her poetry and in the work they accomplished together, most notably in the ground breaking

feminist studies on menstruation, ‘The Wise Wound’, and its sequel, ‘Alchemy for Women’.

# Penelope Shuttle | About

“For me it is the way the poem breathes that gives it form"

Penelope Shuttle


Four portions of everything on the menu for M’sieur Monet!

Indigo Dreams Publishing, August 2016


“Here are poems which dance, which pad beside a traveller,

"Although ‘Hounslow Heath barely exists today’, Penelope Shuttle’s and John Greening’s poems conjure back

its lost acres, returning to roots, treading ‘old desire paths’. Their lines, lilting with place names, find room

for the Clouded Yellow butterfly, for the Red Kite, for market gardens with raspberries and rhubarb. ‘Heath’

holds highwaymen, the great planes of Heathrow, the small flight of a bumblebee. Here are poems which

dance, which pad beside a traveller, which mimic the shapes of scarecrows on the page. This is a work of

love. But beware the ghost with a briefcase – and the Wolf of Perry Oaks" – Alison Brackenbury

‘Heath’ was launched at the Ledbury Poetry Festival in July 2016 with a special reading by Penelope

and John Greening . To see the recording of this reading please click here.

which mimic the shapes of scarecrows on the page.”

Praise for ‘Heath’ from Poet Alison Brackenbury

Penelope Shuttle

Verbivoracious Press


Penelope Shuttle

Templar Poetry


Penelope Shuttle & John Greening

Nine Arches Press

Penelope Shuttle | Poems - Heath Penelope Shuttle | Poems - In the Snowy Air #omnibus Penelope Shuttle | Poems - Heath #omnibus Penelope Shuttle | Poems - In the Snowy Air

Cornwall Contemporary Poetry Festival

Falmouth 12-13 November 2016

Penelope Shuttle has made her home in Cornwall

since 1970 and the county’s mercurial weather and

rich history are continuing sources of inspiration.

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Back in 2005 Penelope attended a Study Day at Tate Britain which focused on the Gallery’s current major

exhibition, Turner, Whistler, Monet. She made some notes, filed them and promptly forgot about them.

A few years later they came to light in a notebook.

Suddenly she found herself writing about Monet

in London. Monet was a man with a very hearty

appetite. Penelope had gone to the Study Day on

her own, but more usually visit places with friends,

or with her daughter. In one of the poems Penelope

was accompanied by her Great Aunt Wave, and it is

1955. The common thread of the pamphlet are visits

she made and those experiences she encountered.  

Sissinghurst, Paris, Lapland, Galway, Wales, and

Rome, are places explored. A set of travelling

poems capturing a sense of the energy she felt at

each different locale.

Penelope Shuttle | About Writing Poetry

Although my ‘Unsent: New and Selected Poems’ stretches over thirty two years I remain no wiser as to how

poems get themselves written. Since I began writing in my teens, nothing has so enthralled me as poetry;

before my first attempts at writing, reading poetry had thrown a similar glamour over me, as it continues to

do. Words are made of the breath of life, its essence, and they land on the page still breathing. That, I think,

is the mystery and the surprise, for me, and then follows the hard work.

“It falls on to the open page through some kind magic"

Penelope Shuttle


Reading poetry.   My grandfather had a shop - he sold prams and bikes, but he was also an unofficial pawn-

broker so when times were hard between the wars people would bring a box of stuff and he'd give them a

couple of quid, and it would often have old anthologies and old school books in and I would sit in my

grandfather's house and read them. It's where I first came across Keats, Edward Thomas and poets like that.


“Your journey into poetry, what started it?”

Alyson Hallet from Raceme Magazine asks the questions

Penelope Shuttle | In Conversation - Page 1

Sean O'Brien enjoys an earthy collection of beauty and bereavement

‘Unsent: New and Selected Poems 1980-2012’  - review by the Guardian, 28 December 2012

In the title poem of ‘Taxing the Rain’ (1992), Penelope Shuttle wrote: "When I wake the rain's falling and I

think, as always, it's for the best, I remember how much I love rain, the weakest and strongest of us all; as I

listen to its yesses and no's, I think of how many men and women would, if they could, against all sense and

nature, tax the rain for its privileges." Even as recently as the early 1990’s this might have looked slightly

whimsical to some, but Shuttle's prophecy of the death-wish of monetisation and environmental vandalism

is nowadays everywhere confirmed, while her level, reasonable voice seems that of  "sense and nature",

commending life as a self-evident good against those who might claim to improve on it.

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